In the neighborhood of Akkorgan, the Tashkent region of Uzbekistan, local agricultural producers were producing flour under Kazakhstan’s trade brands. This was officially announced by the chairman of the Kazakh wheat flour mill in Uzbekistan, Bunyodbek Sharipov.

According to his words, agricultural producers of the Akkorgan factory counterfeited wheat flour of the Kazakh brands “Dani nan” and “Uno”, where they milled almost 50 tons of flour a day using local grain and were packing it into Kazakh trademarks. The distinctive part of the packaging of the original and the counterfeit was the font size, in the original packaging the font was smaller, and in the counterfeit this was larger. Moreover, the size of the trademark image itself was different from the original.

Based on the authors’ information, local agricultural producers began to counterfeit the goods of the neighboring country due to the fact that flour of Kazakhstan’s production is in great demand. Also, according to the local bakers’ opinion, the quality of Kazakhstan’s wheat flour is valued more highly, and consequently is widely used in bread production.

Approximately 30 of Kazakhstan’s companies sell wheat flour to Uzbekistan but due to the counterfeit products, Kazakhstan’s wheat flour producing companies are losing one of their main sources of income. The Kazakhstan Chamber of Entrepreneurs has repeatedly asked government to solve the problem of exporting flour to Uzbekistan and achieve equal rates of import duties on flour and grain.

Bunyodbek Sharipov also mentioned that after the discovery of a counterfeit flour, it was directly reported to the authorized bodies. Consequently, agricultural producers were imposed with a fine on the production of flour under Kazakh brands. However, since the local factory had its own brands in the market, the producers of wheat flour did not stop their production.

Currently, the Antimonopoly Committee of Uzbekistan has shown its willingness to provide legal assistance and consider complaints from Kazakh millers.