Consumer lawyer says Apple should have done more to alert users to 'Error 53' following non-apple repair.

Consumer law and product safety lawyers, Leigh Day, are investigating complaints made by iPhone users that a recent software update has rendered their iPhones useless.

Thousands of iPhone 6 users claim that Apple’s latest software update permanently disables the phone if it is detected that a repair has been carried out by a third-party technician.

The problem occurs when the latest Apple operation system, iOS 9, is installed. It is alleged that if the new software detects that the home button, with touch ID fingerprint recognition, has been repaired by a non-Apple technician, then it displays an “error 53” message which locks the user out.

It is reported that Apple say the “error” is in order to maintain device security and they are not offering any sort of hardware or software fix that might correct the apparent problem.

Consumer rights lawyer at Leigh Day , Brian McFerran, commented “It is clearly very frustrating for customers to be locked out of their device with no access to their messages, music, photographs and important documents.

"We believe Apple should have warned iPhone users that this latest software update might cause this problem and, if the damage is irreparable, then they should be entitled to a new phone.”