On 10 April 2014, OFAC designated five individuals and 10 entities as specially designated narcotics traffickers pursuant to the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act (“Kingpin Act”). According to the US, the designated persons have ties to the Sanchez Garza family, which is a money laundering operation based in Guadalajara, Mexico. OFAC stated that  the Sanchez Garza family has been supporting the operations of major narcotics  traffickers Rafael Caro Quintero and Juan Jose Esparragoza Moreno since the 1980s. Other members of the Sanchez Garza family have previously been designated under the Kingpin Act. Of the 10 entities designated, nine of them are real estate development companies and the tenth is a restaurant.

On 9 April 2014, OFAC designated Carlos Arnoldo Lobo (a.k.a. El Negro Lobo) pursuant to the Kingpin Act. The US asserts that Mr. Lobo plays a significant role in international narcotics trafficking through his transport of multi-ton loads of cocaine for Mexican, Guatemalan and Honduran drug kingpins and organisations. According to the US, Mr. Lobo also launders the proceeds from the sale of narcotics through numerous assets, including real properties, maritime vessels and seafood shipping businesses. In 2011, OFAC began collaborating with Honduran counterparts to target Mr. Lobo, and Honduran authorities took Mr. Lobo into custody in March 2014. Mr. Lobo has been indicted in the Southern District of Florida on drug trafficking charges.

Treasury Department Press Release—Sanchez Garza family

Treasury Department Press Release—Carlos Arnoldo Lobo