Starting September, employers with 100 or more employees and federal contractors with 50 or more employees must provide the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Department of Labor with revised demographic information. Some of the key changes are summarized below.

  • New report form: Employers must use a new report form ( beginning with the survey due by September 30, 2007.
  • New/revised ethnic and racial categories: The new report form contains new and revised ethnic and racial categories including "two or more races," "Asian," "Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander," "Black or African American," and "Hispanic or Latino."
  • Self-identification verses visual inspection: The EEOC prefers an employee's self-identification of race and ethnicity. Employers may only provide race or ethnicity information from records or visual observation when an employee refuses to self-identify.
  • Resurveying employees: Although not required for the September 2007 report, the EEOC encourages employers to resurvey current employees. Employers may accomplish the resurvey by any means that allows employees to confidentially self-identify, including through use of a secure Intranet.
  • Job Categories: Several job categories have been revised. For instance, the former category "officials and managers" has been divided into two–"Executive/Senior Level Officials and Managers" and "First/Mid-Level Officials and Managers"–to reflect responsibility and influence within an organization.

Employers should begin taking steps to ensure compliance with these (and other) changes, including reviewing all changes, assessing how and when to resurvey the workforce, updating HRIS systems to reflect the new categories, and revising processes to routinely collect the necessary data (for instance, through the new hire process). More information about the revised EEO-1 is available from the EEOC at