Pepperidge Farm, maker of Milano® cookies, has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Trader Joe’s Co. alleging the retailer’s Crispy Cookies emulate the shape and configuration of Milano® cookies. Pepperidge Farm, Inc. v. Trader Joe’s Co., No. 15-1774 (D. Conn., filed December 2, 2015).

In addition to the similarity between the cookie products, Pepperidge Farm alleges that the packaging of Crispy Cookies is similar as well. Although Crispy Cookies packaging depicts the cookies in a fluted paper tray—as Milano® cookies are sold—Trader Joe’s actually packages the cookies in a plastic tray inside the external packaging. Pepperidge Farm cites Google search results for “‘Trader Joe’s,’ ‘cookie’ and ‘Milano’” as evidence that consumers have also noted the similarities between the two products. Pepperidge Farm seeks declarations of infringement, permanent injunctions, damages and attorney’s fees.