Illinois: Governor Proposes $1.5 Billion in Cuts from Medicaid Agency

Newly-elected Governor Bruce Rauner (R) proposed nearly $1.5 billion in funding cuts for the State's Medicaid program in his budget for fiscal year 2016, including the reduction or elimination of non-mandatory Medicaid services for adults such as dental care and podiatry. As reported by The New York Times, the proposed budget is expected to face significant opposition from the Democratic-led legislature.

Massachusetts: Legislature Approves Budget-Balancing Bill, Denies Governor’s Request for Authority to Cut Medicaid Benefits

The State Legislature approved H.52, Governor Charlie Baker’s (R) plan to balance the $738 million budget gap his administration faces after taking office in January. The bill included $168 million in cuts to MassHealth targeted to spending not mandated under the ACA, administrative costs and unspecified changes to benefits, reports The Daily News of Newburyport. Governor Baker also sought broad authority to restructure MassHealth, including to permit cuts to state-funded Medicaid programs aimed at people with disabilities, a provision Legislators removed after advocate opposition.

Texas: Governor's 2016-2017 Budget Proposal Affirms Stance Against Medicaid Expansion

Following speculation in late 2014 that Governor Greg Abbott (R) was exploring a Texas-specific solution to Medicaid expansion, the Governor released his 2016-2017 budget proposal affirming his stance against Medicaid expansion, stating: "Medicaid is a broken, bankrupt system . . . states need greater flexibility in providing for the health care needs of their residents, not more federal mandates." The budget proposal includes an additional $50 million in funding for the State's women's health programs; $40 million to the Department of Family and Protective Services to increase access to prevention and community-based programs; and, $21 million to support service member and veterans' mental health needs.