We're witnessing considerable disruption in the power sector arising from a combination of policy, technological and customer change. It’s creating a transformation in how we think about, produce and use electricity. And, in turn, it’s leading power and utility companies to rethink the future of their businesses. Our 14th Annual Global Power and Utilities Survey found that 81% of senior executives expect their home market to be transformed by more than 60% by 2030 and 70% expect significant market model changes within the same timeframe. So, what does that mean for energy in Ontario?

The energy landscape in Ontario is being moulded by these global disruptive forces, highlighted by rising residential and commercial electricity rates; increasingly challenging regulatory measures; the pending sale/merger of Hydro One Brampton; and the announcement of the planned IPO and private sector investments into Hydro One. This, combined with other forces, including measures announced in the recent Ontario budget, is expected to spur additional local distribution company (LDC) consolidation.