The Israeli Parliament's Labor and Welfare Committee decided to postpone for a year the application of Article 35 of the Regulations for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Adjustments for Access to Service), which entered into force in Israel in 2013.

Article 35 of the above Regulations, makes it mandatory to provide accessibility to all websites and applications which provide service or information to the public, including businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, etc. Prior to this postponement, Article 35 was scheduled to come into effect in October 2016.

The postponement is a result of the Israel Internet Association's request that has received many inquiries from Israeli websites owners, declaring that they could not comply with the regulation within the context of the given time frame.

Following this decision, the Regulations will be effective as of 26 October 2017. In additions, it is expected that certain clarifications to the accessibility requirement will be introduced during the course of the following year.