Starting from next September 15, the organization of business companies shall be made only through the platform of It is important to take into account that a Notary is required to have digital signature for the digital registration of companies. There are several banking entities where it can be obtained. The Technical Secretariat of Digital Government is also offering this service.

If the Notary does not have his digital signature certificate, he can acquire it at the offices of the Technical Secretariat of Digital Government, located in Sabana Norte, former Yaohan building, second floor over Más x Menos, Interbolsa Building.

The requirements include the presentation of a current identity card issued by the Supreme Tribunal of Elections, in good condition, for nationals, and for foreigners the Dimex (Immigration Identity Document for Foreigners), pay an amount of $46.00 as the value of the Digital Signature, which includes the Card, the Certificate stored in the Card and its respectivereader.

It is important that the customer should have already read the Subscriber Agreement attached and thought of his PIN for the Digital Signature Certificate. The PIN should be 4 to 14 digits, which cannot be consecutive upwards or downwards, not repeating the same number more than once.