Although demand for commercial satellite services is growing worldwide, U.S. satellite manufacturers are expected to come away with a smaller bite of that apple according to the latest study of the global satellite sector released by Forecast International (FI). The FI report, entitled Commercial Communications Satellites, 2007- 2016, predicts that, over the next ten years, the global satellite communications market will generate deliveries of nearly 300 spacecraft that include 218 geostationary and medium earth orbit satellites valued at $26 billion and 69 low earth orbit spacecraft with an estimated worth of $927 million. If recent events offer a clue of trends to come, however, many of those contracts could end up being awarded to foreign manufacturers, as the U.S. share of the commercial satellite production market has fallen dramatically over the last three years. According to FI, in 2004, three U.S. companies accounted for 75% of communications satellite contracts awarded worldwide. By 2005, the U.S. share of that market had declined to 63%, with U.S. manufacturers garnering just 40% of the worldwide total a year later. Ironically, while demand for satellite-based services is burgeoning, demand for satellite equipment, according to FI, may decrease worldwide as larger satellites with greater transponder capacity and longer service lives become more commonplace.