Kentucky: Use of Preventive Healthcare Increases Following Medicaid Expansion

New data from the Kentucky Department of Medicaid Services shows an increase in use of preventive care from 2013 to 2014 following the State’s Medicaid expansion, including a 187% increase in annual wellness exams (from 22,290 to 63,888). Data also indicated a 110% increase in breast cancer screenings (from 24,386 to 51,292) and a 55% increase (from 784 to 1,214) in diabetes screenings. This information was presented to the oversight team of “kyhealthnow,” an initiative started by Governor Steve Beshear (D) to address public health issues.

Maine: Medicaid Family Planning Eligibility Expansion Now Law

Maine’s State Supreme Court affirmed as law legislation (LD 319) that expanded Medicaid reproductive health benefits to individuals with incomes up to 209% of the federal poverty level. The legislation had languished while the Governor sought to enforce his veto of this bill and 64 others delivered after the deadline allowed in the State Constitution. Governor LePage has indicated that he will enforce the laws and the State Department of Health and Human Services is now required to submit a state plan amendment to expand eligibility to the approximately 12,900 individuals made eligible, effective October 1.