On the 16-17th of September, the Article 29 Working Party met in Bruxelles to discuss the impacts of the ruling of the Court of Justice of the EU of the 13th of May 2014.

The ruling has recognised the right for an individual to be de listed from the list of results displayed following a search on the basis of a person’s name when the information are “inadequate, irrelevant or… excessive”, subject to a public interest test.

After the aforementioned ruling was issued, thousand people – that have applied to Google for data about them to be removed and have seen their applications to be rejected – have filed a claim before the European Data Protection Authorities illustrating that the ruling has addressed a genuine demand for data protection.

Clearly the Article 29 Working Party needs to ensure that all requests to remove are treated consistently and “therefore it was decided to put in place a network of dedicated contact persons in order to develop common case-handling criteria to handle complaints by the data protection authorities. This network will provide the authorities with:- a common record of decisions taken on complaints and – a dashboard to help identify similar cases as well as new or more difficult cases, as the Article 29 Working Party itself said.