The First Circuit affirmed a district court’s denial of a motion to vacate an arbitration award issued in a dispute between Bangor Gas, a pipeline owner, and H.Q. Energy, a natural gas supplier, concerning responsibility for certain costs regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The arbitration panel designed a remedy consistent with the FERC’s shipper-must-have-title rule, but that placed Bangor at risk for violating a different FERC regulation. Following the arbitration award’s issuance, Bangor received guidance from the FERC staff that the panel’s remedy “would violate the Commission’s posting and bidding regulations.” While the First Circuit does not recognize “manifest disregard of the law” as a valid ground for vacating an arbitral award, it analyzed the award as if the doctrine applied since there is a circuit split on the issue. The court determined that the arbitrators did not disregard the law because the FERC’s intentions were not clear cut. The staff’s guidance is not binding on FERC and the arbitrators provided for the contingency of a violation in the award. Bangor Gas Co. v. H.Q. Energy Servs. (U.S.) Inc., No. 12-1386 (1st Cir. Sept. 26, 2012).