The Conservatives have recently pledged an extra £800 million into HS2, Britain's new high-speed rail line from Euston to Birmingham, Manchester and the North. The route of the new line remains uncertain for the time being.

There has been particular opposition in the Chilterns, with Tory MPs threatening to rebel against plans to run the line through the picturesque area.

An 'Exceptional Hardship Scheme' has been set up with the aim of protecting the interests of residential owner-occupiers of properties which may be affected by the preferred route option. This enables owners of properties blighted by the plans who urgently need to sell their properties to do so before any final decision on a high speed rail line is taken.

If your property or business is affected by HS2 and you would like to discuss either objecting to the route or getting compensation, we can help. Our team of compulsory purchase specialists has a wealth of experience in helping landowners and businesses in objecting to infrastructure schemes of this kind and in the handling of compensation claims.