ACER reviews Work Programme 2014: ACER has published a review of its Work Programme 2014. It says that the adoption by the Commission of the Implementing Acts under the Regulation on Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT) is expected for mid-2014. Nonetheless, given that ACER's request for additional staff has not been met, it has reviewed the timing of some of its deliverables under REMIT. (Source: Revised Work Programme 2014)

ACER consults on REMIT reporting manual: ACER has launched, based on the text of the draft REMIT Implementing Acts, a consultation on the Trade Reporting User Manual (TRUM) aimed at guiding market participants when complying with the trade reporting obligation under REMIT. This reporting obligation takes effect six months after publication of the final Implementing Acts. The consultation on the TRUM focuses on transactions, and orders to trade, in standardised wholesale energy products admitted to trading or that can be cleared, as these will be the first subject to reporting. The draft TRUM contains draft data fields and standard formats. ACER also seeks views on reporting for different trading scenarios, data integrity, and on whether, for energy derivatives, standards under REMIT should be aligned with those under EMIR and MiFID. The consultation runs until 5 May. (Source: REMIT TRUM)