We wanted to make sure you were aware of several specific funding provisions included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (also known as the "Economic Stimulus Bill"), which was signed into law in February.

The following programs are contained within the Environmental Protection Agency and are directed at environmental cleanup activities. Please note that a variety of Indiana agencies are assisting in the administration of these programs and certain deadlines and application procedures will apply. Some of the application deadlines are imminent.

Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund Program

$200 million for the Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund program. The Trust Fund provides money for cleanups at underground storage tank sites where the owner or operator is unknown, unwilling or unable to respond, or which require emergency action. To receive money from the Trust Fund, a state must enter into a cooperative agreement with the federal government to spend the money for its intended purpose. States use Trust Fund money to oversee corrective action by a responsible party and to clean up sites where no responsible party can be found. In Indiana, the Indiana brownfields program will be overseeing this funding, and the program is currently identifying potentially eligible sites through the designated technical consultants in each of the program's identified regions. It is important to be sure any potentially eligible site is identified and listed either through the community in which the site is located or through the technical consultant for that region immediately, as sites will only be considered if listed by March 4.

Hazardous Substance Superfund

$600 million for the Superfund Remedial program. Remedial Action involves the actual construction or implementation phase of Superfund site cleanup. This will apply only to Superfund sites.

State and Tribal Assistance Grants

$6.4 billion in grants to states and tribes to assist with enforcement and compliance of environmental laws. Of this funding, $100 million is set aside to carry out brownfields projects and $300 million is set aside for the Diesel Emission Reduction Act State grant program with the matching fund requirement waived.