FSA has published the results of its latest Hedge Fund Survey (HFS) conducted in March 2011 and the Hedge Fund as Counterparty Survey (HFACS) conducted in April 2011. The results suggest the leverage of surveyed hedge funds remains largely unchanged and their footprint remains modest within most markets, so that current risks to financial stability through the market channel seem limited. In addition, counterparties have increased margining requirements and tightened other conditions on their exposures to hedge funds since the financial crisis, increasing their resilience to hedge fund defaults. However, some potential risks to hedge funds remain. The FSA intends to repeat the HFS in September 2011 and the HFACS in October 2011. (Source: Report: Assessing the possible sources of systemic risk from hedge funds: A report on the findings of the Hedge Fund Survey and Hedge Fund as Counterparty Survey)