Since the last issue of this newsletter, the NEXUS program, which facilitates the movement of low risk business travelers between the United States and Canada, has expanded to airports in Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. NEXUS was already available at the following airports: Vancouver, Toronto, Montréal, Ottawa and Halifax.

NEXUS card holders are able to move quickly through the Canadian and U.S. border clearance processes. Iris recognition technology is used. A NEXUS card can also be used as an alternative to a passport under the U.S. Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative for travel by air. Frequent Canadian and American cross border business travelers will want to consider obtaining a NEXUS card.

Note that the NEXUS program has a zero tolerance policy. Membership will not be granted, or will be taken away, if a person has or commits any criminal or customs infractions. Detailed background checks are conducted when an application is made.

NEXUS Application and Information

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