At present sponsors are required to advertise their vacancies on Job Centre Plus before they can hire a foreign migrant to perform a non-shortage occupation role on a salary of less than £70,000.  

On 19 November the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) launched a new online job posting and matching service, called Universal Jobmatch. This replaces the current vacancy management service, Employer Direct and Employer Direct Online for companies and the Jobcentre Plus jobs and skills search facility for jobseekers.

Before placing an ad, an employer will first need to create an account online and will need to obtain a Government Gateway account. Once the Government Gateway account is set up, the same ID and password is used to log in to Universal Jobmatch, in order to place an advertisement. Please click on the following link to the site where full details and explanations are provided.

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) has confirmed to Kingsley Napley that although previously a requirement of advertising through Jobcentre Plus, SOC codes are no longer required to be included in the advertising posting. Also the word restriction has been expanded to enable employers to fully explain the role and skills required for a particular vacancy. This is then matched to CV’s posted on the site.

Roll Out of TB Testing to Visa Applicants in Malaysia and Nepal

Tuberculosis testing requirements will form part of the visa application process for people planning to come to the UK for more than 6 months from 31 December 2012. This follows the UK government's announcement in May 2012, to introduce tuberculosis testing as a requirement of the visa application process for certain countries. The UKBA has already rolled out pre-entry TB screening in India from 16 August.

From 31 December visa applicants in Malaysia will need to undergo pre-entry TB screening and obtain a certificate verifying they are clear of TB before they can obtain a visa to enter the UK for more than six months. It will not be required for those travelling to the UK for less than six months, for example on business or for tourism. Only UKBA approved clinics may carry out the screening. Full details on TB Testing in Malaysia can be found on the UKBA's website.

Nepal is also one of the 67 countries, who according to the World Health Organisation has a high incidence of tuberculosis. Pre-entry screening will be introduced there on 2 January for visa applicants wishing to travel to the UK for more than six months. Click on the following link for more information about the testing process, requirements and approved clinics.