Information Governance is akin to the mythical hydra – many different heads all having to work together. Without a doubt, IT needs to be one of those heads.

The EDiscovery Reference Model (EDRM) Group has recently published the first of several papers on the key stakeholders involved in planning and implementing an Information Governance plan. This paper focuses on the role IT would play, including what IT brings to the table and provides to the other stakeholders, and what IT should expect from the other stakeholders in return.

The report clearly defines IT’s position within the organization:

IT’s responsibilities at the broadest level usually include the where and how, but not what information should be maintained or why or how long. The business units should largely determine what and why, legal and compliance how long.

Without sufficient input from the other stakeholders, IT tends to err on the side of caution, meaning they keep everything, forever. With exponentially growing data stores, this practice can’t continue.

We’re looking forward to the other white papers in this series. The white paper can be downloaded from