On 18 October the CAT published notices by BT and Everything Everywhere to appeal Ofcom's decision in relation to termination charges for 0845 and 0870 calls. Both parties contend that Ofcom erred in its determination of the case. BT are to appeal on the grounds that Ofcom should have found the changes to termination charges to be fair and reasonable, and Everything Everywhere on the grounds that Ofcom's decision was based on flawed reasoning.

Details of Ofcom's decision in this case, published in August 2010, can be found in our August and September bulletin.

This dispute concerns broadly similar issues to the dispute over 080 and 0808 numbers currently being considered by the CAT. The CAT has rejected an application from Ofcom to stay the 080 and 0808 numbers proceedings until after the present appeal, stating that those proceedings should continue and the 0845 / 0870 determination should be dealt with at the same time or as soon as practicable afterwards.

18 October 2010