Exceptions to the April 1 Deadline

Although the law makes April 1 the annual filing deadline for real property tax appeals in New Jersey, there are exceptions that may apply to your individual situation. In the first instance, any taxpayers that have property in a taxing district that has undergone a town wide revaluation or reassessment in 2013, are afforded until May 1, 2013 to file their tax appeals. In addition, in the case where municipalities failed to timely serve the required notice of assessment (post cards) upon all taxpayers by February 15, the deadlines with respect to those specific towns are also extended to afford those taxpayers at least 45 days to file. As a result, many towns have individualized deadlines. For example, this link includes a list of towns in Bergen County where alternative deadlines apply.

If you believe your property is being overassessed, warranting a tax reduction and thought you were too late, perhaps another look is now warranted. We suggest you immediately contact your local tax assessor to determine the filing deadline in your municipality. In the event the filing deadline has not passed, and you require our assistance, we can review the possible merits of an appeal and provide you with the necessary advice to determine if an appeal is appropriate. Time is of the essence so, where applicable, take advantage of this additional window of opportunity to ensure that you are only paying your fair share of real property taxes.