On 21 April 2015, the US Treasury and State Departments added Christodoulos Xiros and Nikolaos Maziotis to the SDN list as Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGTs). Xiros is accused of being a prominent assassin in the 17 November organisation, which targeted Greek politicians and business leaders from the 1970s to the 2000s. He is currently incarcerated in Greece after having escaped while on furlough from a prison sentence in January 2014. Before his re-arrest in January 2015, he was believed to be plotting an attack in Greece with the help of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei, a US-designated terrorist organisation. Maziotis is said to be the leader of another US-designated Greek terrorist organisation, Revolutionary Struggle. That group is said to be responsible for a number of attacks, including a rocket-propelled grenade attack on the US Embassy in Athens in 2007. Maziotis escaped custody prior to his 2010 trial but was re-arrested following a shootout in Athens.

Also on 21 April 2015, the US Treasury and State Departments designated Ahmed Diriye and Mahad Karate as SDGTs for their involvement with the Somali organisation al-Shabaab. Diriye is reportedly the current leader of al-Shabaab and took over in September 2014, following the death of Ahmed Abdi Godane. Karate is said to be involved with Amniyat, the intelligence arm of al-Shabaab, which provides logistics, support and coordination for al-Shabaab’s activities. Through Amniyat, Karate is suspected of being involved in the 2 April attack on Garissa University College in Kenya.

On 28 April 2015, the US Treasury and State Departments designated Hizballah members Meliad Farah, Hassan el-Hajj Hassan, and Hussein Atris as SDGTs. Farah and Hassan are believed to be two key perpetrators of the July 2012 bombing of an airport in Burgas, Bulgaria. Atris, a member of Hizballah’s oversees terrorism unit, was released from Thai prison in September 2014, where he was serving a sentence for possessing nearly three tons of ammonium nitrate, a key component in the manufacture of explosives. All three of the designated individuals are believed to be in Lebanon.