The proceeding began on 22 July 2009, to investigate possible abuses of dominant position by the League in its centralised marketing of broadcasting rights. The Antitrust Authority established that the League exploited its dominant position by denying authorisations for individual sales, thereby putting up intense resistance when several Series B sports associations requested permission to market the rights for specific Championship games autonomously.

The proceeding was concluded by the proposal of a new package of Series A television rights and a threepart Platinum Live package for Series B. These measures have been accepted and made binding by the Antitrust Authority after the Commission and Antitrust Authority returned positive evaluations.

As for Series A, the Soccer League committed to offering a package deal (in addition to those previously identified and already assigned) designated specifically for the satellite platform.

For Series B, the League has committed to subdividing the satellite platform's Platinum package into three independent packages to be assigned through competitive bidding. The recipients of Series A and B packages may also re-broadcast recorded versions of highlights for the games in their own respective package as well as games from other packages. The League has also decided to eliminate the preferred economic terms and conditions offered to recipients of Series A rights in the past.

In addition, For the 2012-2013 Championship, these updated guidelines will be replaced by new guidelines after receiving pre-approval from the Antitrust Authority with respect to competition-related concerns and package formulation, the League has already committed to incorporating the Antitrust Authority's recommendations. According to the Antitrust Authority, the commitments proposed by the Soccer League are sufficient to encourage competition in the TV rights acquisition phase and to stimulate competition in the pay TV market, both between different platforms (satellite and digital) and within individual platforms.