A judge with the International Trade Commission (ITC) concluded in a preliminary ruling on Tuesday that Apple, Inc. infringed on one key patent held by Motorola Mobility (MM) in producing the iPhone and iPad. The patent in question was issued to MM parent company Motorola in 2001 and covers wireless handset technologies that eliminate noise and other interference during voice and data transmissions. ITC Judge Thomas Pender, however, dismissed three other patent claims that MM brought against Apple that pertain to touch screen technologies used in Apple products. MM has asked the ITC to ban the importation of infringing Apple devices into the United States, and Pender’s ruling will be referred to the full ITC for a final ruling that is anticipated in August. Apple, meanwhile, has accused MM of violating six of its patents in a lawsuit that is slated to go to trial in a Chicago court in June. Observing that a German court has already declared the MM patent at the heart of Pender’s ruling to be invalid, a spokeswoman for Apple said, “we believe we will have a very strong case on appeal.”