The Waste Diversion Task Force 2010 is a City of Toronto project that aims for a 70 per cent reduction in Toronto’s solid waste output by 2010. In November 2008, the City of Toronto unveiled its plans to launch a Green Bin Program in all high-rise buildings in Toronto, including condominiums, to compost organic waste.

The introduction of Green Bins to Multi-Unit Residential buildings was preceded by a pilot project, which established a Green Bin program in 30 multi-unit dwellings in Toronto. Varied methods of collecting the organic waste were introduced in these buildings. All residents were required to discard their organic waste into a separate container. The waste was then either collected in a separate container, similar to recycling containers, or separated through a chute sorting system.

The pilot project was declared a success by City of Toronto officials and now the city is implementing organics collection in all multi-unit residences in the GTA.

The actual introduction of Green Bins to multi-unit buildings has been slower than anticipated. The program was introduced to 300 buildings in Toronto’s east end in February 2009. Currently, over 100 of these buildings have implemented an organics collection system. The City estimates that by the end of the summer of 2009, a Green Bin program will be introduced to all of the buildings in Toronto’s east end. The program will then be implemented on a region-by-region basis, moving from the east to the west ends of the city.

The City of Toronto charges for the collection of garbage in multi-unit dwellings. Billing for garbage collection is based on the amount of garbage waste that the building produces. The collection of other wastes (including Green Bins, Recycling and bulky waste) is complementary to the City’s service. The City offers a rebate of $157/unit if a multi-unit residential building elects to have their waste collected through the Toronto service.

According to City of Toronto Bylaw Chapter 844 Article II Section 844-3, a building which chooses to have its garbage collected by the city service must participate in all other waste programs the city offers. Once the Green Bin Program has been introduced in a region, a condominium corporation cannot opt out of the program and still receive the waste collection services of the City of Toronto. If a condominium corporation wishes to have its waste collected privately, it must contact the General Manager of Solid Waste Management at City Hall, 25th Floor, East Tower, 100 Queen St. W., Toronto, Ontario.