A Kentucky court has ruled that Stanley Chesley is jointly and severally liable for breach of fiduciary duty in the representation of “fen-phen” diet drug plaintiffs. Abbott v. Chesley, No. 05-CI-00436 (Boone Cir. Ct., Ky., entered August 1, 2014). The court agreed with the plaintiffs that summary judgment was appropriate on the basis of issue preclusion or collateral estoppel, relying on the findings made in disciplinary proceedings against Chesley. According to the court, he had a “realisti- cally full and fair opportunity to present his case before the Trial Commissioner,” and thus, Chesley was bound by its findings and legal conclusions, which the state supreme court affirmed. Finding no genuine issues of material fact and that Chesley’s conduct caused the plaintiffs to “receive only a portion of the settlement monies they were entitled to,” the court granted the summary judgment motion as to the breach of fiduciary duty claims and further found Chesley jointly and severally liable with William Gallion, Shirley Cunningham and Melbourne Mills for the existing judgment of $42 million.