The Russian Government adopted a decree regulating the labelling of newly launched products.

These products will have to bear a “product released to the market for the first time” mark for a period of one year running from production start-up. The marking must inform consumers, in particular, that:

  1. no obligatory certification was effected;
  2. a statement of compliance was received based on the producer’s own evidence only; and
  3. the product must not be used or applied in the presence of or by children (if the product may be harmful to children’s health and/or development).

The above information must be shown on the consumer package, label, leaflet, and/or provided in the documents accompanying the product inside or together with each consumer package. If the products are sold unpacked, the required information must be made available to the consumers by any means allowing the consumers to make an informed choice.

Previously issued certificates of compliance remain effective, and therefore products that have already been released to the market are not subject to relabelling.

[Decree No. 943 of the Russian Government “On the Specifics of Labelling the Products that are being Released to the Market for the First Time, including by Affixing a Market Circulation Mark or a Compliance Mark, and on Procedure for Informing the Purchaser, including the Consumer, about the Possible Harm of Such Products and its Factors”, dated 18 September 2012]