The Chief Inspector, John Vine, visited three locations to provide an independent assessment of the Agency both in the UK and abroad. He specifically looked at tier 2 (general) and tier 2 (ICT) and made 12 recommendations in total. The findings of most concern are listed below:

  • inconsistencies between different offices and within offices in the processing of visa applications. The inconsistent approach meant that some individuals were being allowed to submit additional information and others had to submit a fresh application;
  • agency staff found PBS policy guidance confusing, inconsistent and lacking defined terms;
  • UKBA does not routinely take the required action to curtail a migrant's leave once the sponsor has reported them on the SMS;
  • non systematic approach being carried out by the agency in relation to post-licensing visits;
  • safeguarding of the borders had been passed over to sponsors and the UKBA staff were not confident that the system in place was as robust as it is needed to be.

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