The Panama Ship Registry has allowed ship owners a six month grace period when the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) enters into force. Under the grace period, as per ILO Resolution XVII, owners will be able to continue to operate without the MLC certificate and declaration, provided that inspectors have no evidence that the ships do not conform to the requirements of the convention. The vessels not duly certified before the entry into force of the MLC, may request in a voluntary basis a “short term” certificate for a period if six months to any authorized Recognized Organization (RO) duly authorized to issue the Maritime Labor Certificate.

The ROs, before issuing such certificate, will conduct a documentary review while the necessary registries are generated for the detailed inspection, the verification of the DMLC Part II and the definitive certification of the vessel. The “short-term” certificate shall annex the report of the documentary revision so that it is available to the corresponding authorities.

“Panama is the first flag to issue a “Short Term- form” giving ship owners this kind of grace period, mainly to help the industry and offer the vessels a comprehensive treatment,” said the head of the Panama Ship Registry Alfonso Castillero.