RadioShack (the "Company") has reached an agreement with 38 U.S. States over the sale of its customers' personal identifiable information. After a mediation process, the Company agreed to limit the quantity and the nature of the data it intended to sell.
As we previously reported, the Company auctioned off the personal identifying information of more than 117 million customers as part of its court supervised bankruptcy procedure.
According to the Texas Attorney General, who initiated and led the process on behalf of the U.S. States, the data to be sold will not include credit or debit cards numbers, social security numbers, dates of birth and phone number, as originally planned. Instead, this mass of personalized information will be destroyed. The remaining data to be transferred will mainly include the customers' e-mail addresses and information about their transaction with the Company (such as the product they purchased , its price, etc.).   
Moreover, the auction winner agreed to purchase the data relating to  customers who were active for the past two years, and to be bound to the Company’s privacy policy, which prohibits any further sale of data to third parties. In addition to the above, and in order to ensure the individual's privacy, the Company’s  customers will be given the opportunity to opt-out from having their data sold.