The White House Council on Environmental Quality, Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) and General Service Administration(GSA) have introduced a plan for an electronic waste(e-waste) policy for the United States. The strategy comes as a direct result of President Obama’s directive at the end of last year. The National Strategy of Electronic Stewardship “creates a roadmap of how the federal government can use its authority and leverage resources to meet the increasing challenge of protecting human health and the environment from harmful effects associated with the unsafe handling and disposal of computers, cell phones, music devices and other electronics products,” according to the GSA website.

The GSA site also lists a set of benchmarks which provide more details on which agencies are in charge of specific directives as well as the timeline for achieving them. The plan outlines goals for the lifecycles of electronics, incentives for designing greener electronics, and efforts to ensure that the federal government leads by example. Details for many of the plans actions still need to be ironed out by the agencies.