One week after the introduction of unlimited, flat rate calling plans by Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility and TMobile USA, Sprint Nextel upped the ante by becoming the latest major wireless carrier to roll out an unlimited service plan that not only includes voice but also covers data and multimedia services for $99.99 per month. Starting today, new and existing Sprint customers will be able to sign up for the company’s “Simply Everything” plan, which provides unlimited access to voice, data, text services, e-mail, Internet connectivity, Sprint TV, Sprint Music, GPS navigation, and Sprint’s Direct Connect and Group Connect services. Unlike Verizon and AT&T (both of which are offering unlimited voice minutes) and T-Mobile (which is providing unlimited access to voice and text messaging services), Sprint’s plan steps significantly beyond its competition in terms of the breadth of services that are covered. Observers also say that the plan constitutes an important roll of the dice for Sprint, which, at the time of yesterday’s announcement, also reported a $29.5 billion loss during the fourth quarter that is largely attributable to write downs stemming from the 2005 merger of Sprint and Nextel. As Sprint CEO Dan Hesse proclaimed that the Simply Everything plan “removes the barriers” to allow subscribers to freely use all of the capabilities of their handsets, one telecom industry analyst summed up the events of the past week as “another historic change in the cellular industry with regards to price.”