Community solar is gaining ground with utilities and private sector companies, as it provides access to renewable solar energy to consumers who may not otherwise have that option, Utility Dive reports. “The biggest trend for solar at utilities is community solar. It seems to be resonating at every utility I talk to,” said Becky Campbell, Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) Senior Research Manager. Clean Energy Collective (CEC) Chief Management Officer Bart Rupert agrees, “We have seen a massive shift. . . . Today, most utilities are starting to see the best way to deploy solar in their territory is through community solar.” According to SEPA, community solar is “a program through which individual members of a community have the opportunity to ‘buy in’ to a nearby solar installation . . . [and] receive a proportional share of the financial or energy output of the system.” SEPA has counted at least 58 community solar programs in 22 states, and says “the business model based on a contracted per kilowatt-hour rate and more affordable upfront costs seems to be working best for utilities.” For more, read the full article.