The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) continues to increase the number of audits that it is issuing in its PERM program. Our firm initially noticed an increase in audits from the DOL’s Atlanta PERM Center beginning in October. However, the DOL’s Chicago PERM Center has also recently significantly increased the number of audits that it is issuing. At this time, it appears that the main focus of these audits is requiring employers to justify when the employer’s minimum requirements for the offered position exceed DOL’s standards as stated in its O*Net system. After, receiving an audit, the employer then has thirty (30) days in which to provide the information and documentation requested in the DOL’s audit letter. Due to the significant increase in the number of applications being audited by the DOL, there is currently no consistent timeframe by which the DOL will issue a decision after an employer responds to an audit letter.