This Act amends and updates the Greater London Authority Act 1999 and implements many of the outcomes of the Government's review of the GLA that required primary legislation.

The general functions of the GLA (which comprises a directly elected mayor and a separately elected assembly of 25 members) in relation to governance and mayoral aspects have been amended by Sections 1 to 16 of the 2007 Act. It provides for new lead roles for the mayor in housing and adult skills in London and additional strategic powers in a wide range of policy areas such as transport, health, housing, planning, environmental functions, and culture, media and sport, and appointments to boards of three of the four functional bodies (the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) and Transport for London). The assembly's role is enhanced to complement the additional powers of the mayor.

It is envisaged that these additional powers and responsibilities will help to meet the capital's strategic challenges over the longer term, and bolster the mayor's strategic leadership of the capital.

The Act can be viewed here.