Introduced by Representative Jim Cooper, a Tennessee Democrat, another bill to amend the Lacey Act is now before the full House, where a vote is expected later this month. The Lacey Act initially was intended to prevent shipments of endangered animal species, but amendments in 2008 added a much broader range of plants and plant by-products. The House bill, the Retailers and Entertainers Lacey Implementation and Enforcement Fairness Act, better known as the RELIEF Act (H.R. 3210), would limit the application of the Lacey Act in certain scenarios. For example, the RELIEF Act would limit the scope to plants and plant products imported after the date of enactment of the amendment. It also would increase property owners’ ability to defend their rights to imported property seized under the Lacey Act. In addition, the RELIEF Act would focus the prohibition against importing wood products harvested in violation of “foreign law” only on foreign law that is “directed at the protection, conservation, and management of plants.”