ContractPodAi® has been named a ‘Cool Vendor’ for 2019 by leading global research company Gartner.

The title was awarded via a Gartner report in Legal and Compliance Automation, highlighting vendors "that use process design, content services and user experience to improve established legal and compliance workflows".

The report finds that internal legal teams stand to benefit significantly from innovation, in the form of artificial intelligence (AI), automation and advanced analytics - but they struggle to identify the best use cases.

It recommends that legal and compliance leads should identify and focus on their most important business outcomes such as accelerating the contract reviews, improving compliance training and validation, and ensuring information compliance across geographies.

"ContractPodAi is cool because it embeds AI into the fundamental steps of the contracting process. This is a major differentiator from other vendors, which apply AI only to one or two specific tasks, such as automating third-party contract reviews." Gartner Cool Vendors Legal Compliance Automation

Access the full version of Cool Vendors Legal and Compliance Automation here