The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (“ADEQ”) and Tenneco Automotive Operating Company, Inc. (“TAOC”) entered into a May 31st Consent Administrative Order (“CAO”) addressing alleged air violations. See LIS No. 16-044.

TAOC is stated to own and operate a shock/strut manufacturing facility in Paragould, Arkansas.

The facility was issued an air permit on July 30, 2014.

ADEQ is stated to have conducted an inspection at the facility in July, 2015. The records inspected are stated to have indicated that the facility:

. . . exceeded the HAP contents of paints and solvents usage limit of 0.24 lb/gal at SN-08 (Paint Booth). Respondent utilized Silver DC19334 paint with a HAP content 0.39 lb/gal

The previously referenced alleged facts are stated to violate Specific Condition 11 of the Air Permit and Ark. Code Ann. ~ 8-4-217 (a) (3) as referenced by Ark. Code Ann ~8-4-304.

A De Minimis Permit Modification was submitted to ADEQ on July 20, 2015 requesting an increase of the HAP content limit from 0.24 lb/gal to 0.45 lb/gal at SN-08. ADEQ responded in a July 30th letter that based on an administrative review the facility qualified for a de minimis change. Therefore the authority was granted to proceed with the change.

The CAO assesses as civil penalty of $1200.

A copy of the CAO can be downloaded here.