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Jobs Act

According to the Minister of Labour, Giuliano Poletti, the government bill is likely to be approved by the Parliament later this year. The text of the bill is likely to be approved by the Senate of the Italian Republic in July and be discussed by to Chamber of Deputies in August.

Unemployment insurance despite current regulations (CIGd)

The Government releases €400 million in addition to other resources allocated at INPS, in order to fund unemployment insurance for 2013.

Maximum working hours and rest periods, stop to maxi-sanctions

The judgment no. 153/2014 of the Constitutional Court stated that the Legislative Decree no. 66/200, as amended in 2004, conflicts with the Enabling Act no. 39/2002 in the part that provides for sanctions for breach of maximum number working hours and provisions about rest periods (paragraphs no. 3 and no. 4 of the article 18bis); in particular, these administrative sanctions are more marterial than the previous ones, in contrast with the obligation forced by the enabling law to maintain the sanctions provided by the previous law.


FIT cut bill is to be submitted to the Council of Ministers

Minister of Economic Development, Ms Guidi, has confirmed that the law which will see a 10% cut to electricity bills is to be submitted to the Council of Ministers. Guidi has stated that an equitable tariff has to be implemented to prevent the premiums which certain operators are benefiting from. Guidi also went on to say that the Ministry is taking on board the suggestions made.  A nod to the oil&gas industry was made when Guidi concluded stating that exploitation of fossil fuels is essential to guarantee Italy’s energy security. 20 June is the cut-off date for submission of the draft bill.

This news comes off the back of Prime Minister Renzi’s announcement that a solution to the 10% cut could be a one off payment to be taken from profit made through the FITs or a reduction in the tariffs over the remainder of the tariff period.  The banks and the Government are brainstorming on how to resolve the issue without significantly damaging the renewables sector.

Biomass plant data transparency requested by FIPER

Following the complaint by the Antitrust Authority in Italy regarding the tariff awarded to electricity generating biomass plants, Chairman of FIPER (Renewable Energy Producers Federation) has stated that he is happy to disclose the data on electricity generating biomass plants in order to be as transparent as possible.