In April 2014, environmental groups Friends of the Earth, Physicians for Social Responsibility, and Oregon Aviation Watch filed an administrative petition for reconsideration asking the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to issue an endangerment finding and to regulate lead emissions from aviation gasoline under the Clean Air Act. You can find more on the history of this issue in an earlier post.

Last week, EPA denied the groups' petition for reconsideration. In its January 23 denial letter, the agency said that it "is actively engaged in investigating whether lead emissions from piston-engine aircraft cause or contribute to air pollution, which may reasonably be anticipated to endanger public health and welfare." Further, the letter outlined the agency's plan to release a draft endangerment finding in 2017. Thus, with the required public notice and comment period, EPA may not issue a final finding until 2018. The environmental groups, as well as the public, will have to wait until then for final resolution of this issue.