The final north east plan was published on 15 July and the revised plans for the south east, south west and east midlands sent out for further consultation, in the case of the south east plan with the consultation running from 17 July until 24 October and those for the south west and east midlands from 22 July until 17 October.

There is much emphasis on sustainable development in all cases. The final north east plan is however able to trumpet the Region’s abundant fresh water supply although it goes on to acknowledge that new or enhanced infrastructure may be necessary, depending on the location of new development and states that any new and existing water transfer activities from Kielder Water and between catchments within and beyond the Region must seek to preserve and enhance the environmental qualities and recreational assets of areas upstream and not just nearby riverside development: see policies 34 (the aquatic and marine environment) and 35 ( flood risk) in particular.

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