In January 2019 Slovakia introduced several changes to the employment law. These changes mainly relate to maintaining confidentiality of working conditions and providing obligatory contributions for employee recreation. Employers must now also notify the Employment Office about their job vacancies.

The Labour Code lowers the level of protection in relation to non-disclosure and maintaining confidentiality in employment relationships. As of 1 January 2019, employers may not oblige employees to keep their working conditions confidential – this includes their salary conditions. Any provisions requiring employees to keep their working conditions confidential are now invalid.

Another amendment to the Slovak Labour Code implements a new strategy to support domestic tourism – recreation vouchers. Employers with 50 employees or more must provide their employees with contributions for recreation. An employee is entitled to receive a contribution if their employment relationship has lasted for at least 24 months. Upon employee request, the employer is obligated to reimburse 55% of the eligible expenses, up to the amount of EUR 275 per calendar year. Since the main objective of this amendment is to support domestic tourism, only recreational activities in Slovakia are eligible. The recreation vouchers may also be used by the employee's family members, as well as by any other person living with an employee in a common household, as specified by the Labour Code.

Also, as of 1 January 2019, employers are now obliged, pursuant to the Amendment to the Act on Employment Services, to notify the competent Employment Office of their vacancies. The objective of this amendment is to make it easier to identify work positions in which labour force is lacking. Vacancies are to be notified using a special form, which can be submitted by mail or online. Failure of the employer to comply with this new obligation will result in a fine of up to 300 EUR.