Friday, Treasury released its most recent completed transaction report. No additional Capital Purchase Program (CPP) investments were reported, but the report did show that four additional firms had repaid Treasury’s CPP investment, bringing total repayments to $1,038,540,000. The report also noted the completion of a $29.835 billion commitment to AIG.

Treasury also announced last week “that it has selected three firms to manage its portfolio of assets issued by banks and other institutions participating in the [CPP] and other similar programs under the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. The assets include senior preferred shares, senior debt, equity warrants, and other equity and debt obligations.” The three firms are AllianceBernstein LP, FSI Group, LLC and Piedmont Investment Advisors, LLC.

These firms have over $2 billion in assets under management. Treasury will announce a second set of asset managers representing firms with less than $2 billion in assets under management over the next two months. The asset managers will (i) value assets issued to the Treasury by public and private financial institutions participating in the CPP; (ii) analyze the financial condition, capital structure, and risks of these financial institutions; and (iii) advise Treasury on and executing transactions in accordance with the Treasury’s investment policy. Agreements were entered into with each of the firms for a period of five years and are effective until April 20, 2014.