The State of New York has filed a civil lawsuit against JUUL Labs, alleging deceptive and illegal practices involving their flavored e-cigarette products.

The attorney general of the State of New York has filed a civil lawsuit against defendant JUUL Labs, Inc. in Supreme Court, New York County. The suit alleges that JUUL has engaged in deceptive and illegal practices regarding its advertising of flavored e-cigarette products which has caused numerous New Yorkers to become addicted to them. The suit also states that JUUL has specifically targeted the state's youth in its advertising, and contains causes of action for deceptive trade practices, false advertising, repeated and persistent fraud, public nuisance, and illegal conduct. It also requests that JUUL be permanently enjoined from engaging in the alleged deceptive advertising practices, create an abatement fund to rectify the claimed public nuisance, pay fines for each individual instance of deceptive practices, disgorge all of the profits it received as a result of these practices, and pay restitution to the state. A copy of the suit can be downloaded below.