Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 48/2016 - Diário da República no. 168/2016, Series I of 2016-09-01

Determines the creation of the National Building Restoration Fund.

Notice no. 10940/2016 - Diário da República no. 169/2016, Series II of 2016-09-02 National Civil Aviation Authority

Aeronautical consultations between the Portuguese Republic and the Russian Federation, with a view to discussion of matters related to the Agreement on Air Transport.

Directive no. 15/2016 - Diário da República no. 177/2016, Series II of 2016-09-14 Regulatory Body for the Electricity Sector

Competitive balancing system for the wholesale market.

Notice no. 11562/2016 - Diário da República no. 183/2016, Series II of 2016-09-22 Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Instituto Nacional de Estatística, I. P.

Update coefficient of the various types of urban and rural rents for the 2017 calendar year.

Order no. 11648-A/2016 - Diário da República no. 188/2016, 1st Supplement, Series II of 2016-09-29

Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Minister for the Presidency and Administrative Modernisation’s Office Order approving the bylaws model concerning the simplified procedure for recognition of private foundations.

Ministerial Decree no. 258/2016 - Diário da República no. 189/2016, Series I of 2016-09- 30

Determines the amount of the terminal unit rate used to calculate the terminal air navigation services provided by Navegação Aérea de Portugal - NAV Portugal, E. P. E., and repeals Ministerial Decree no. 155/2015 of 28 May.