The District Court at Amsterdam yesterday ordered the notorious Pirate Bay to close its download website for Dutch users.

In a court case initiated by copyright organisation BREIN on 30 July the Court ruled that The Pirate Bay infringes on the rights of owners of copyrights and neighbouring rights represented by BREIN.

As a consequence of the judgement internet users in the Netherlands will no longer be able to download music, films and games via The Pirate Bay as soon as the judgement is served upon The Pirate Bay.

Although the owners of The Pirate Bay were not present at the court hearing, the court ruled that they were properly summoned, as the writ of summons was sent to them via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

Also Swedish listed company Global Gaming Factory was ordered to close the website off, from the moment it will have control over the website. The Swedish company recently announced that it has bought The Pirate Bay for 5 million Euro.