Last month, the Beijing Public Security Bureau ("Beijing PSB") announced a summer-long campaign targeting the illegal entry, overstay, or employment of foreigners in Beijing.  This effort will run from mid-May to the end of August and has come to be referred to as a "100-day campaign."  The Beijing PSB will specifically target foreign nationals who have entered China without a proper visa, stayed in China beyond the period allowed under their visa, or engaged in work for an employer without securing the proper work and residence permits. 

Of the various public security duties of the Beijing PSB, it is responsible for managing the exit / entry and residence of foreigners in Beijing.  This includes processing visa extensions and residence permit applications for foreign nationals seeking to extend their visit or to stay in Beijing for a designated purpose.  The Beijing PSB also is responsible for enforcing applicable laws and regulations and carrying out penalties for non-compliance.  One such regulation requires foreigners age 16 and above to carry their passports on their persons for possible police examination.  Violations of the regulations prohibiting illegal entry, overstay, or employment of foreigners carry penalties ranging from a warning to monetary fines to detention to departure orders.

During the 100-day campaign, the Beijing PSB will increase police presence in community areas and neighborhoods popular with foreigners to check passports for valid visas or residence permits.  A telephone hotline has been set up for the general public to report on suspicious activity or persons.  It appears the Beijing PSB is applying a more rigorous review of visa extension applications as well, including requests to extend a business visa holder's stay in Beijing.  This suggests the authority is more closely considering in each application whether a foreign national is bypassing work and residence permit requirements and engaging in unauthorized employment in Beijing by relying on a series of business visas. 

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As noted earlier this year, the subject of immigration and the administration of an ever increasing foreign national population is on China's legislative agenda.  Please click here for our May 2012 Alert "China Focuses Legislative Attention on Foreigners."