U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has announced optimized processing procedures at fourteen ports-of-entry, including four pre-clearance locations, for Canadian citizens seeking TN or L status for the first time. This initiative is designed to increase customer satisfaction, decrease wait times and allow CBP to effectively deal with increased volume of Canadian TN and L applicants. Although first-time Canadian TN and L applicants may go to other ports for processing, CBP is encouraging applicants to go through one of the designated ports below for optimized processing:

Pre-Flight Inspection Locations

  • Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Ontario
  • Trudeau International Airport, Dorval, Quebec
  • Vancouver International Airport, Richmond, British Columbia
  • Calgary International Airport, Calgary, Alberta

Land Port Locations

  • Highgate Springs Port of Entry, Highgate Springs, Vermont
  • Derby Line Port of Entry, Derby Line, Vermont
  • Alexandria Bay Port of Entry, Alexandria, New York
  • Peace Bridge Port of Entry, Buffalo, New York
  • Rainbow Bridge Port of Entry, Niagara Falls, New York
  • Champlain Port of Entry, Champlain, New York
  • Detroit Canada Tunnel Port of Entry, Detroit, Michigan
  • Detroit Ambassador Bridge Port of Entry, Detroit, Michigan
  • Blaine Peace Arch Port of Entry, Blaine, Washington
  • Sweetgrass Port of Entry,  Sweetgrass Montana