With the temperature rising there is a wave of energy that comes with it. People get off the couch to enjoy the sun and warmer weather during their free time. People are also more likely to enjoy a walk or bike to work versus taking the bus or train. This also means more pedestrians are lining the sidewalks and intersections and cyclists on the streets. Remember to share the road with pedestrians.

As I drove home from work on Monday with the sun starting to fade, I noticed that every intersection took longer to get through because of the foot traffic at the corners. Drivers had to yield for pedestrians as they made their way across a street. This new energy for pedestrians also requires more patience for drivers, but also a stronger sense of awareness for drivers on the road.

A recent story this month in the Chicago Tribune reports that a 58-year-old woman was injured while walking her dog on Grove Street near Pioneer Park in Arlington Heights, Illinois, on Monday March 8, 2015, when a car struck her. The woman was close to her home.

The woman died as a result of her injuries in the hospital just two days later. The dog survived the accident. According to the report, the driver of the vehicle was 16- years-old.

When summer arrives, there will be more dog walkers, joggers, bikers, and children near the roadways. Drivers need to be very careful when they are unfamiliar with dealing with extra pedestrians. Inexperienced drivers, as in this recent accident, need to be especially aware when driving near parks, beaches, or shopping malls. Patience and awareness, unfortunately, are hard to come by with inexperienced drivers who are more focused on their newly found independence that they forgot that their actions on the roads impact the safety of others. Especially pedestrians.